Monday, October 3, 2011

All About the Eurail

Another easy way to travel from country to country is the Eurail. Eurail is a company that sells passes for rail systems all across Europe. This is most useful and cost efficient if you plan on travelling in more than two countries for more than one month. The Eurail pass does not work as well for most inner city transportation, such as busses or inner city trains.

The Eurorail has four passes to choose from. The first option is a one country pass for three to ten days. The second option is a two country pass for four to ten days. The third option is to get a select pass for three, four, or five countries and can be used from five to fifteen days. Lastly, for the most bang for your buck, choose the global pass for 22 countries and is good for fifteen days to three months. When you sign up for your Eurail pass, it will come with a free booklet that lists all the different train times, which is incredibly convenient, even time schedules will change occasionally.

The Eurail provides great flexibility when choosing your trains and is great for “on a whim” sort of travel, however, it is important to note that not all trains are free with the pass. Overnight trains still cost, although with the Eurail pass you can get up to a 75% discount. You can even get free upgrades to a cabin with a bed, but you will have to ask.

Lastly, it’s very important to protect your Eurail pass. Insurance for your pass can be purchased for a small amount, especially considering how common pick pocketing in Europe is. The Eurail pass, in addition, is not very durable, so it is suggested that you protect it by either keeping it in a waterproof bag or wrapping it with tape. More information can be found out about the Eurail at

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