Monday, September 26, 2011

Fly Away! Plane travel within Europe

European countries rely much heavier on public transportation than we do in America, so not having a car will not pose a problem. Because of the wide variety of public transportation, there is a different type to use depending on the distance and time of day you plan on travelling.

Ryan Air Cabin [Credit]
Flying is the best method of travel if you plan on travelling from one country to another in Europe. Unlike flights in the United States, flights in Europe are fairly cheap, some fares even being as low as 5 euros. Your best bet for finding the lowest fair is to choose an inexpensive “no frills” airlines, such as BMI Baby or Ryan Air. If you do plan on flying with “no frills” airlines, there are a few words of warning you need to take note of. First, make sure to check the extra fees and charges that you may accrue. For example, unlike most airlines in the United States, some (but not all) airlines will charge you up to a 40 pound fee of for checking in at the airport counter instead of free online check in. Other extra charges include a fee for checked luggage, depending on its weight and how far away your destination is, and then a fee for infant and infant items.

With whomever you choose to book your flight, make sure you book ahead of time. While travelling may seem like a “spur of the moment” sort of thing, in reality it is much less expensive if you book at least two months ahead of time. One helpful website to compare all airline prices in one place is, which can be used for both flights within Europe and when you come home and want to travel within the United States as well.

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