Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Book Your Hostel

Most likely, when travelling you will be staying in a hostel. Hostels are less luxurious versions of hotels. Much  like summer camps, you will most likely be in a room with bunk beds and have community showers and toilets. Most hostels cost around 20 euros a night on the weekends, but can be more or less expensive depending on how far ahead you book, the day of the week you plan on staying at the hostel, how many people you plan on sharing your room with, and whether or not you wish to have a single sex room.

Your best bet is to book your hostel more than two weeks in advance, especially if you are staying on high demand nights. Saturdays are the most high demand nights, and thus the most expensive night to sleep anywhere, followed by Friday and Sunday; however depending on your length of stay in Europe, this factor may be out of your control.

You will share your room with 3 – 15 other people. The smaller rooms fitting four people are often referred to as “private rooms” and are more expensive, but a good idea if you have large valuable items, such as laptops or SLR cameras. The last option you can having regarding the price of your hostel is if your room is single sex or unisex, with single sex being more expensive.

Once you have made your decisions regarding the kind of room you want to stay in, you can book your hostel online, most often paying a 10% deposit fee and paying the rest when you arrive at the hostel. Depending on the hostel, the price may include breakfast.

A great go-to place for booking your hostel is has no booking fee and includes a brief summary of each hostel accompanied by user ratings. Do not be alarmed by the fact that almost no place has above a 90% rating. Due to the fact that accommodations are so cheap, there will be sacrifices made, and each user has a different opinion on what comforts they are willing to sacrifice. A user’s rating will also be influenced by who is staying at the hostel at the time due to the fact that hostels provide accommodations for a wide range of people.

Remember if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Check back next week for more information about staying in hostels!

Happy Travels!


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